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 Membership and Meetings




Membership is primarily free, however, UG students are asked to pay a fee of G$20 for each academic year.

To become a member:

1) If you are a UG student:

Please submit your name, registration number and address to the President: Diana Prabhu-Dass directly or email us at, indicating you want to be an active member.

2) If you are a UG graduate student:

Please submit your name and address to the President directly or email us at, indicating you want to be a member you may either choose to be an active or remote member.

3) If you are a university student:

Please submit your name, university attending and address at our email address at, indicating you want to be a member. You therefore become a remote  member affiliated to the UG Botany Club.

4) If you are a non-university person

Please submit your name, address and occupation to our email address, indicating that you want to become a remote member.

All members are allowed to submit articles to the Nature Zone newsletter. A free trip to all members are provided during the second semester from the University.

Affiliate members are particularly welcome. We will like to particularly aid you in anyway in helping you to set up your own Botany Club at your university.

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 Meetings for Botany Club in this academic year has not been decided as yet.

 Usually, members meet on Saturday mornings from 9:00 am to 12:00 pm to work in the greenhouse and surrounding areas.

Minutes from the meetings held for the three last meetings will be posted here weekly and so to activities that took place on Saturdays.

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