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Last Minutes and Activities

This page is still under construction.

Sat, 21st Sept, 1998

Oleanders were planted along the catwalk from Biology/ Chemistry building to Physics building. Some Vinca was also planted.


Sat, 26th Sept, 1998

Mr. Gopaul from herbarium donated some plants. These were planted along the eaves by Biology Department and surrounding the Eucalyptus trees along with peppers and jump-up-and-kiss-me flowers..


Tue, 28th Sept, 1998

Most of the oleanders were uprooted, since they made no progress. Roots were not noticeable when uprooted. Two oleanders were left back since they were looked like they will root.


Thur, 1st Oct, 1998

Cake sale took place. Approximately G$23,000 (G$155= US$1) was made. CARDI kindly gave us the use of a van and driver to help us straighten out last minute details.


Sat, 3rd Oct, 1998.

Rheo was planted along the eaves by Biology Department. Only a small amount of work was carried out due to the wet weather. It was suggested that during these periods of wet weather that the signs could be painted. The remaining oleanders were uprooted.

Please check us back later when we are completed.

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