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Nature Zone Newsletter

About Nature Zone....

Nature Zone is a newsletter produced by the UG Botany Club. This newsletter contains articles on environmental issues, plants and animals. The first issue of the Nature Zone was released in November, 1997. The editors hope this newsletter will meet the needs of people who wish to broaden their spectrum in these areas.

A Nature Zone Committee was set up in the second semester of the 1997/98 academic year. They have set their targets at having at least two issues per semester. The second issue will be out by the 1st Oct, 1998.

The editorial team and the Nature Zone committee also welcomes journalists (amateurs and professionals) to submit their articles dealing with the above areas in the forthcoming issues. Comments or suggestions for this newsletter or the Botany Club will be appreciated. Comments and articles should be addressed to the Chief Editor, Mr. John Caesar.

Please, drop your letters and articles to either the Biology Secretary at  the UG Campus, or hand it to any executive member or member of the Nature Zone Committee who will in turn give it to the relevant authorities. Alternatively, you can email us at

Some articles from each Nature Zone will be posted on this website from time to time.

References for each article is available, please indicate you wish to have it by emailing us at and the references will be directed to you shortly by email.


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